Stockholm Marathon Hash

SMH3 Run #12

Marathonhash #12

: Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 10:00
: Kallhäll
: John Cleese, Pirate of Queeribean, Malibog, Pink Pony, Fourpack, Meatballs, Big Brother
: 50 SEK
: Casa Karnfält

Stockholm Marathon Hash – Almost Always the 1st of May

Welcome to the 12th Stockholm Marathon Hash!

This year we will start from Kallhäll Station.
Start time is 10:00 for the marathon hash and 16:30 for the underground hash. Maybe...

After 39ish km we will arrive at the On Inn - Casa Karnfält - and join the Underground hash for the last leg of the marathon.

After the run you can take a shower, have a pizza (we will order from nearby restaurant), drink some beers at the On-Inn. Bring a towel for shower and sauna.

The trail will follow some kind of public transport, commuter train or subway, with drink stop every 5ish km, where you can decide whether to shortcut to the next drink stop or continue running.

If you run the whole trail you will end up running a full marathon!

Time table:

Start Stop Distance Start running Arrive at stop Hare
Kalhäll Station Jakobsberg station 5 km 10:00 10:40 John Cleese
Jakobsberg station Barkarby station 5 km 10:50 11:30 Pirate of Q
Barkarby station Eggeby Gård 5 km 11:40 12:20 Malibog/Pink Pony
Eggeby Gård Hallonbergen subway 5,5 km 12:30 13:15 Malibog/Pink Pony
Hallonbergen subway Ulriksdal Station 5 km 13:25 14:05 Fourpack
Ulriksdal Station Danderyd sjukhus 5 km 14:15 14:55 Fourpack
Danderyd sjukhus Enebyberg 5,5 km 15:05 15:55 Meatballs
Enebyberg On Inn 4 km 16:05 16:30 Big Brother

We usually have at least two hash cars, one with drinks and one with bags will follow the runners to each drink stop.

Please send me an e-mail if you are coming, so we can plan for enough snacks and beer.

Food will not be provided but you can order pizza before the Underground run if you want to eat. 

Beer and wine at self cost prize will be sold at OnInn.