Stockholm Marathon Hash

SMH3 Run #13

Tyreso Trail

: Saturday, 3 October 2020, 10:00
: Tyresö
: 50 SEK
: Myggdalsvägen 84


First of may every year we run 42k!!!!

This time we will combine with the absolute Tyresö Trail hosted by Jingle Balls.

The trail will be A to A to A to A...

1st trail is 17-18k - starts at 10:00. Includes 2 drink stops on trail.

2nd trail is 8k - starts at 12:40. Include 1 drink stop on trail.

3rd trail is 8k - starts at 13:50. Include 1 drink stop on trail.

Thats about 34k.

You need to do the absolute #859 to do a full marathon.

At the end of each trail at the On Inn you can have a drink stop if time allow it. 

Please send a mail to jingle.balls.smh3 @ if you are coming.

* Option for walkers! If you like you can get a map with a route and do a marathon walk. Not 42k but about the same time. The drink stops will not be the same as the runners. *