Stockholm Marathon Hash

SMH3 Run #11

: Tuesday, 1 May 2018, 10:05
: Västerhaninge Station
: Jingle Balls ()
: 130 SEK
: Skogsvägen 12

Take the train to Västerhaninge station. Exit to the east.


Stockholm Marathon Hash – Always the 1st of May

Welcome to the 11th Stockholm Marathon Hash!

This year we will start from Västerhaninge Station
A traditional group photo will be shot before the start of the run at 10:05. (If you come with 10:03 train - you need to hurry)
After the run you can take a shower, eat something, drink some beers at the On-Inn. Bring a towel for shower and sauna.

The trail will mostly follow some kind of public transport, with drink stop every 5ish km, where you can decide whether to shortcut to the next drink stop or continue running.

  Arrive Leave
Start: Västerhaninge Station - Pack leaves at 10:10   10:10
Stop 1: Jordbro Station -  10:45 10:55
Stop 2: Handenterminalen 11:30 11:40
Stop 3: Svartbäcksskolan (bus 834) 12:20 12:30
Stop 4: Grindstugan (Bus 807) 13:10 13:20
Stop 5: Fornudssparken (Bus 807, 824, 840 walk 950 m) 13:55 14:05
Stop 6: Skrubba koloniväg (Bus 819 or walk, change to 807) 14:40 14:50
Stop 7: Norra Sköndal (Bus 801) 15:40 15:50
End: Casa Bad Pitt 16:30  

If you run the whole trail you will end up running a full marathon!

Time table is a rough estimate and maybe will not be accurate! Have counted on 6:30 min/km and 10 min stop.

Two hash cars, one with drinks and one with bags will follow the runners to each drink stop.

Please send me an e-mail if you are coming, so we can plan for enough drinks, food and beer.


Bad Pitt is cooking food so you know it will taste good!!!

If you like to be sure to get food - tell us that you are coming!!



Jingle Balls