Stockholm Marathon Hash
SMH3 Run #16
Stockholm Marathon Hash 2023 - Part 1, 21,1 km
Monday, 1 May 2023, 11:00 CEST
: Roslags Näsby Station (Roslagsbanan)
: Big Brother & hare team ()
: 8 °C, light rain, overcast, gentle breeze.
: Run 30 sek, food at on-inn 30 SEK Swish to Big Brother
: Casa Karnfält, Björnholmsvägen 18, Svinningeudd

The start is from Roslags Näsby Station @11.00, you should be there about 10:50. Recommend to take a train from Stockholms Östra around 10:30!  (Line L27 departs 10:35)


The Marathon hash 2023 will be done in two parts. Part 1 as usual 1 May, while part two will take place after the summer. Each part will be guaranteed to be slightly over 21,1 km.

Part 1 starts at Roslags Näsby Station (Roslagsbanan) and ends at Casa Karnfält, Svinningeudd, where we offer sea swim, jacuzzi, sauna, a sunny afternoon (??) and nice company.

Hash cars will bring your CHANGE OF CLOTHES, SWIMGEAR, TOWEL, EXTRA DRINKS, OWN SNACKS etc to the DSes and to the OnInn.

Run will feature four legs of 5-6 km each, with 3,5 intermediate drinkstops located mainly by Roslagsbanan stations (Hägernäs, Rydbo, + a bit beyond Täljö), where the Hash Cars will await you with snacks and drinks. Shortcuts with Roslagsbanan will be possible, however NOT on the last leg where you are supposed to run. Running pace will be about 7 min/km to accommodate for most hashers.

On-Inn Food:  We will provide grilled sausages hot dog style (included in run fee, also veg version if you request it)

On-Inn Drinks: DD beer included - strong beer 33 cl provided at 15:00 SEK each, no wine.


SL buses will take you back to the city in the late afternoon or evening - check on SL app (red day).

For planning we need you to register your attenance by MAILING to the main hare no later than 26 April or by notifying him at the Wednesday's HHH-run.