Other Harelines

Although these pages are mostly about the Stockholm Absolut & Underground H3, there are several other kennels operating more or less frequently in the area. Among them are:

Full Moon Berserkers H3 — The FMBH3 was originally meant to run once a month (surprise, surprise), but have become a bit less regular over the years. Their trails are often a bit longer than the Absolut or Underground ones, but as always it depends on the hare. Kind hares have been also known to lay special trails for walkers (and they can always be bribed to show you shortcuts).

SPOR&DIC — The origins of the SPOR&DIC hash can be found in the drunken ramblings of a few disgruntled Stockholm Hashers who felt that the two main Stockholm kennels had turned into running clubs and family outings. They decided it was time for a Hash that was closer to the ones they'd encountered abroad with less running and more drinking and none of that measly 2.8% beer for Circle. True to their name, the runs are rather sporadic, but there's usually at least one or two every year.

The Stockholm Bike Hash — A Bike Hash (BASH) is exactly what you think it is: A hash on bikes. Bring your own bike to the "run" and make sure your tires are properly inflated (or else run the risk of being (in)appropriately named — Blowqueen speaks from experience). Drink Stops are normally BYOB, so make sure to stock up before you depart.

The Stockholm Marathon Hash — Once a year in early May, the Stockholm hashers with a marathon problem come together to share their favorite pastime with the less fanatical of us and attempt to inflict their depraved enthusiasm for long distance running onto the innocent. Be careful, they often succeed.

The Leap Year Hash — The LYH3 runs only happen on February 29 every four years (or so) for exactly the reason that you might imagine.

Westra Aros Gurka H3 — The closest hash outside of Stockholm is the WAGH3 aka Westra Aros Gurka H3. When they don't come to Stockholm to run with us, we go to Västerås to run with them.

Cocktails @3 — This is more like a roving fancy dress party that focuses more on the quality of the Drink Stops rather than the trail that takes you there. Expect (several) fancy cocktails and a gentle progression between them and absolutely no running required. Have fun & party on!

On(e)-Off Hash — Occasional & irregular runs of random nature that don't belong anywhere else.

Finally, as somewhat hinted by its name, the Stockholm Travel Hash does not actually hash in Stockholm, but anywhere else than, preferrably in faraway and strange places that barely even exist.

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