Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #897
The GM's Run #2
Saturday, 19 March 2022, 14:00
: AWB's place (Ralångsvägen 1A, Årsta)
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: 40 kr
: DL's place (aka Schnitzelei Restaurant, Alströmergatan 45, Kungsholmen)

Take the commuter train (tvärbana) to Linde, and follow the half-arrows. There are also busses that come close. We will gather outside the apartment, where the hash car will be parked.


This will be an A2B run between the residences of the two GMs.

Because the clocks don't change until the end of March, this run will still start at 14:00hrs.

Since the shortest distance is over 6km, the walkers will utilise the tvärbana for some of the journey so bring your SL cards (or be prepared to 'planka').

Bags will be transported to the B-point by car. They will then be dropped off at the B-point, so if you leave valuables it is at your own risk.

The Drink Stop will comprise (two of) the two favourite tipples of your GMs.

On On,