Ski weekend to Sälen/Trysil with a downhill hash!

Do you want to go on a ski weekend 13-15/3 to Sälen (Trysil) with BMW & 4Pack? 

The Downhill ski hash #5 is on 14/3 (Saturday).

You are travelling with Västerås Ski Club, costs 1150 SEK. It includes the bus ride round trip Västerås and accommodation in a hostel.

Read more about the weekend on

Everyone makes their own registration on Right now there are only 12 seats left on the bus.

You need to go by car to Västerås!

It’s 2 seats left in BMW:s car going to Västerås at shared cost. Leaves Älvsjö at 3 pm and Kista 4 pm. Drop off at the same places on the way home.