Meet the Spring In Budapest

April 22-24, 2022

This is a early preliminary invite to see your interrest and make it possible for you to plan.

Come with us to Budapest for a couple of days with runs/walks, craft beer and great food. Spring will be here with flowers and warm days.

Preliminary program:

  • Friday evening: A walk to the best craft beer bars i the city. Dinner.
  • Saturday: City run with beer stops and beautifuls wiews. Visit at a terminal hot Bath. Dinner at an interresting restaurant. Night club.
  • Sunday: Journey to the country side with a run in the wonderful surroundings of Budapest. Dinner at a local restaurant.

See STH3 Run #23 or the Facebook Event Page for more details.

If you like to participate, please . No problem if you change your mind. More info on flights and hotels will come.

On On,
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