Crazy Hash Trip 2019

Update from the Supreme Leader, 13/9

Comrades, we R getting closer to Caucasus Craziness and here is some info to get prepared:

  1. Lower U R expectations, its a Hash Trip that goes through ex-Soviet cuntrys and for each part expect Lower service and less English spoken.
  2. U have paid deposit but need to bring cash USD for down payment that will be collected on bus 1 oct in Armenia, breakdown:
    • Part 1: U will be refunded ca 20 USD (or equivalent in SEK)
    • Part 1+2: Cash 40 USD
    • Part 1+2+3: Cash 280 USD Night Transfer 28/9 add 10 USD
  3. Program will cum later but here is some first tips:
    • Currency. There are lots of ATM in Tbilisi and Yerevan for local currency, might be Good to bring some extra euro or dollar, (Big Brother has a special Hash change deal, info on FB event page). Currency is Lari in Georgia, Armenian Dram in Armenia and Artsakh Dram in Artsakh (but Armenian Dram works).
    • Costs: U pay for your own expenses outside tours (Hotel, food and drinks, etc). On tours most is included but beer/wine at restaurants is extra.
    • Yes we will sit a looong time on buses and Caucasus is a mountain chain... there will be weather... so bring appropriate attire.
    • Good to bring copy of passport and insurance

Program with more details will cum later. A few dissidents has had to cancel so we are now 29 in Georgia, 26 in Armenia, 16 in Artsakh. (In case of more cancellations we have to be prepared to split)

Preluminary Program

PART 1 – Georgia

27/9 Fly Stockholm - Tbilisi
28/9 Free time Tbilisi + Dinner
29/9 Tbilisi marathon (10 or 21km) + run Tbilisi HHH
30/9 Bus tour with STH run + Winetasting
1/10 Fly home Tbilisi - Stockholm or enjoy extra days on your own

PART 2 - Bonus Trip Armenia
1/10 Bus tour Tbilisi - Yerevan with stops.
2/10 Yerevan - STH run n joint dinner
3/10 Fly home from Yerevan or enjoy extra days on your own

PART 3 for the Bald n Stupid ON OWN RISK!!!
3/10-5/10. Organized Tour to ARTSAKH (Nagorno-Karabash)
6/10 Fly home from Yerevan


BOOK 10 or 21 km

Questions contact .