Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes
SUH3 Run #1366
2Swedes & Pimps BEERthday Hash
Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 18:30
: Ulriksdals pendeltågsstation
: 2 Swedes Cummin with a Pimp
: 20 kr
: No No

Get to Ulriksdals station, exit is North. Follow half arrows, likely start point is near Hemköp on west side of station.  

To get to Ulriksdal it is 7,4 km by bike, skis or legs from the glass phallos on Sergels Torg, so manageble without the P-train.


Welcum to UHHH 1366 in Ulriksdal. There will be runners and walkers trail provided by the BEERthday hares Pimp and 2Swedes who turn 94 solar laps. On top of that 2 Swedes celebrate 600 underground hashes.

A Pimpmobile will cater for bags, 1st running group bring 1 key. Walkers, bring own drinks for a Pimp walk. Runners run in group of 6-8 hashers. Hare will be at start from 18:20 for 1st group.

The Hash is a DRINKING club with a running problem. There is only One rule: There are No rules!

However in the Kingdom of Sweden we adhere to recommendations:

If cold, bring clothes,

If ice, bring spikes,

If dark, be enlighted.

If pandemic, keep distance, No circle, max 8, If sick, don't cum

If thirsty, bring mug n drink Beer!

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