Stockholm Royal Bike Hash

BASH Run #14

National Day BASH

: Saturday, 6 June 2020, 13:00
: Ulriksdal Station
: RedRider, Ali Wank Bonk, Just Mosfet ()
  • The trial is being laid, and it will be around 25-30km
  • We meet at 1pm outside Hemköp at Ulriksdal station (follow the half-arrows)
  • There will be a hash car to store bags
  • There’s a chance of rain tomorrow, so dress appropriately
  • Despite that… it’s National Day, so wear blue & yellow (there will be a prize for the best dressed)
  • There will be a swim stop for the adventurous
  • Bring your own drinks & mugs - there will be lots of opportunity for spontaneous drink stops
  • The hares will supply down-down drinks & snacks for the circle, which will be in a grassy area about 400m from the station
  • If you’re driving, park your cars on Bagartorpsringen (between 9-11 o’clock if you imagine it’s a clockface!)
  • No On-Inn is planned, but there are several pubs, restaurants and grocery stores in the area, as well as grilling facilities

Maybe there won't be any horse races but mount your metal steeds and join us in your best national day attire (Swedish colors? horse jockey? folkdräkt? champagne taster?) for a 20-25 km ride starting and ending at Ulriksdal Station. There might be a prize for the best dressed, it might just be beer, you'll have to see. Follow half arrows (maybe they will be in national day colors) to the start, but it will be close to the station. 

BYOB and mugs for drink stops. There are several pubs (and grocery stores) near the start and for on-after. There are also grills nearby so if you want to grill your own food and bring your own beer for the on-after, feel free to do that as well. If you need to buy something remember to bring your own bag as bags are 6.50 kr now. On that note, if you think you need to store bags please arrive early in case no one is coming with a car (I can store them).

There will be potentially a swim stop, if it isn't warm enough then it will be a "wish we could swim here" stop, but all the same, be prepared if you want to take a dip.

A large portion of this will be on dirt trails, some shared with horses (well you did want the national day experience?), give your tires a good pump, but your mom's old bike from the bike stable should be able to make it. Then again, this is #13 #14 so anything could happen if that is not your lucky number.  Don't worry if you haven't ridden for a while or if you are mostly a runner, you will (most likely) survive. Kid friendly, pet approved, and the ticks will thank you for coming.

Please email ahead of time so I have a rough head count of how many are coming but of course feel free to just show up if you see this and want to come!

A hash car will be provided.

your mismanagement:
RedRider ()
Ali Wank Bonk
Just Mosfet (woof)