Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes

SUH3 Run #1362


: Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 18:30
: Spökparken
: Red Rider ()
: 20 SEK
: Nothing Official

Spökparken is very close to Rådmansgatan, on the green line


It's nearly the best holiday of the year: Halloween!
Wear a costume, maybe if it's the spookiest you'll get a sur-prize?

Bring a headlamp. Or wear lots of lamps? 

If you have a mug, bring it. Or if you want to, you can bring one of these and drink from it, your pick:

Note: I do not have a hash car, but hopefully someone will?

Also note: you might want to bring extra socks

No Ghosts!

-RedRider ...AKA GhostRider