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Gothenburg Hash House Harriers

GH3 Run #189

Independence Day Hash

: Saturday, 4 July 2020, 14:00
: Arvid Lindmansgatan 8b
: Sitting Dull, Happy Pancake & Swinging Tits

A-to-A Walkers & Runners trails. Shower & towel available after run. Take bus 25 from towards Lämsmansgården from Brunnsparken. Get off at stop Wieselgrensgatan, then walk east-north-east about 200 m. For anyone arriving by car, parking available at Hällskriftsgatan 5 (about 75 m from Hash start). Q-park app needed/most convenient. Small award for best US Independence day themed dress, but anyone dressed as the Clown Prince (Mr D. Trump) will be penalized with 100 SEK extra fee. Dogs welcome but must stay outdors or to quickly be led to the balcony and stay there for the evening. Fee 100 SEK + 10 SEK/beer after circle. Only healty hashers are welcome. If you have any symptoms at all, stay home & stay safe!