Stockholm Royal Bike Hash

BASH Run #2

: Saturday, 1 September 2007, 13:15
: Tumba Station
: AntiClimax ()
: Uttran's Kol Grill Bar Restaurang, K P Arnoldssons väg 53, 14730, Tumba
Go to down to the bus station side at your left hand side and wait there.

Remember you can't take your bike from TCentralen. Timetable how to
reach Tumba on time with train will be posted before Bash weekend.
There is a drinkstop on the trail some mall re-groups, and
tutitududuuduuuuu; a drink [and circle RA ???] at the end.

Please bring and use a helmet and water bottle.
If problems to find bikers in Tumba, just call to my cell ph.n 0733323860

On - in - On - in - oooooon!