Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers

SAH3 Run #854

: Saturday, 25 July 2020, 15:00
: Tullinge
: Sprintosaurus ()
: 100 SEK
: Tullinge Pizzeria & Restaurant

Bike/run/walk or take the Commuter train towards "Södertälje Centrum" or "Tumba" to "Tullinge" and from there follow the half arrows to the parking lot on the other side of "Huddingevägen" (Road 226) close to "Tullinge centrum".

If you want the trail to be bike and/or pram friendly and/or want to have something to drink at the drink stops you can notify me before I set the trail so that I can provide that...

There is no official On-Inn , but if you really insist you can go to Tullinge Pizzeria & Restaurant to have something to eat and/or drink in "Tullinge centrum" at Nyängsvägen 3...

To see where the Commuter trains are you can look at: