Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers

SAH3 Run #852

The "Wait... haven't we hashed here before?" Run

: Saturday, 27 June 2020, 15:00
: Linde
: Ali Wank Bonk, Violent Volvo, Pig Butt ()
: 40 SEK

Take the tvärbana to Linde and follow the half arrows to the flat. Trains run every 10 minutes. Bus 144 also goes close. Parking is available on the streets nearby.

We start and end on the roof terrace of our flat at Ralångsvägen 1A, Årsta. 5th floor. Door code has been sent by email, so call us if you're stuck. You can store bags there.


The run will be around 8km, through forests and along roads, with a beer/water stop half way round. There will be the opportunity to shower/swim during the run as well, but don't scare the little children!

Snacks will be available in the circle. Strong beer, cider & wine at cost via Swish.

No On-Inn is planned, but there are several pubs, restaurants and pizza places in the area. We can make a combined order and enjoy them on the terrace.