Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes

SUH3 Run #1343

Jazz in June BBQ BYO Run

: Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 18:30
: Maison Cheval Rouge
: Malibog
: 30 SEK


G'Day Music Lovers
After many deliberations have determined the Nasty Malicious-C19 will not
prevent countless centuries of Junish tradition.
The Jazz in June will continue as customary at the Maison Cheval Rouge
Wednesday 17 June @18.30
Norrbackagatan 41 near Torsplan.
Our only concessions are that we be sensible (a hard task for a hasher I
know) and keep our distancing and no hugging, kissing and public intercourse
within the BBQ area.
We will provide the coal for the BBQ
You will supply your own drinks and whatever dead or dying animals you wish
to be cremated and consumed.
Or veggies or both if you are of that persuasion.
The run will be relatively short enabling you all to enjoy time at the BBQ
and listen to the music.
Trail will be equally for running, walking, biking and horrors/pushchair
friendly with a most possible drink/swim stop.
It would be a great help if you could lend us a message informing us if or
not or maybe you will be kumin'
Last minute shopping:
There is a Systembolag at Torsplan and a Willy's local shop where sausages
and other foods are usually for sale at 30 to 50% on a short date.
A Lidl is also close by near Vanadisplan which is on the way if arriving
from Stockholm Odenplan station.