Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes

SUH3 Run #1339

Hipsters go to Spånga hash

: Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 18:30
: Spånga station
: SillyConFeet & Ferdinand TBS
: 20 SEK
: Caledonian Inn

Very welcome to Hipster # part 3, this time in Spånga!

There will be a walkers and runners trail.

There will be Hipsters.

There will be half arrows from Spånga Station to a Hash Car where you can put your stuff during the run.

There will be places in Spånga you probably never seen before.

There will be hipster beer - bring your mug :-).

There will be social distancing.

There will be an outdoor On-In at Caledoinan Inn. Pub owner wants to know two days in advance how many are coming so heating and safe distancing can be prepared. So please let SCF know with sms latest monday the 18th of May if you plan to eat and/or drink after the run. If you decide after the 18th you can always call the pub directly on 08-36 50 16.


SillyConFeet and Ferdinand the Bullshit!