Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes

SUH3 Run #1337

: Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 18:30
: Norra Djurgårdsstaden/ Ropsten
: Frozen Balls & Pirate Of The Queeribean
: 20 SEK

T-bana #13 (RED LINE) to Ropsten, be at the ass-end of the train and go out through the tunnel against Hjorthagen. Then follow half-arrows to ON-OUT(doors)... It´s a 16 min walk according to Google, so be on time.

U can also use Bus #6, 55 or 75 towards Ropsten and exit at the stop "Gasverket". Google says 5 min...

If U drive your Metalbox on 4 wheels, you can park it on Norra Fiskartorpsvägen close to ON-OUT(doors) or in Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

Bikers, runners & walkers look for known faces somewhere on the green fields on side of Norra Fiskartorpsvägen, or use your satnav.


IT WILL BE A-A, not A-B as announced earlier!

ON-IN, ON-AFTER & ON-OUT(doors) will be outdoors, so bring extra clothes if U want to stay. There are restaurants nearby if you would like to order food/ take-away after the circle. We will bring some beers 4 U to enjoy (read: buy) in/ after the circle.

Always bring your foldable mug or other drinking vessel for the drinkstop & circle.

Remember that we still need to maintain social distancing before, during and after the running part.