Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes

SUH3 Run #1330

: Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 18:30
: Kista
: Frozen Balls & Pirate ()
: 20 SEK
: Restaurang Pavarotti

Take the blue line #11 north to Kista, probably best to be located at the "bum"-end of the train. Follow half arrows to the on-in. There is also buses, nearest stop to on-in is Ärvingevägen. If you drive your 4 wheeled hightech thing, simply program your GPS to Kronobergsgränd 14. Street parking/ parkingground in the neighbourhood.


Order your food before the run, and pay for it when you get back from the trail & circle. We can order pizza, pasta or gyros-/ kebab-plate. We have made a deal with the restaurant on "stor stark" = 50,- (normal 60,-)

Remember to bring your own drinking-vessel for the drinkstop and circle, we do our best to keep the hash coronafree.

Remember that in these days it is important to not spread the bug around you! Clean your hands all the time, no sex on trail etc.

The trail might be wet and shiggy, especially the runners trail. Don´t wear your Pradas, and runners should consider to bring an extra pair of shoes.

NB: dress up in your best Irish costume to celebrate St. Patricks day