SPOR&DIC Run #79

The I like the smell of bubbly in the morning run

: Friday, 21 June 2019, 14:00
: Hagaparken, at Pelousen
: Sprintosaurus
: 10 SEK

Hagaparken, close by the Copper Tents at the upper parts of Pelousen by the trees



Hash Cash: SEK 10

Note 1: Except for the very short circle everything is bring-yer-own

Note 2: Traditionally we drink bubbly, even more traditionally we drink champagne

Note 3: This is a full day event, but you can come late and leave early if you want

Note 4: There will be a run at about two o'clock

The Anul SPOR&DIC Midsummer Run again in Haga Park organized by Ingrid Larsen & VD Viking who
designated Sprintosaurus as the hare who laid a loooong trail of 2km which took us up to the top of the
hill, and when we were up we were up, and when we came down, we were down but when we were only
halfway down we were neither up or down down down and when down the pack finds itself on the wrong
side of the a security sign which is to stop people entering but with the Hash we have to somehow escape

Comment from Malibog i "Stockholm Trash 2019 - Vol 06.pdf" on page 6 of 8 pages

Runners: VD Viking, Ingrid Larsen, Malibog, Red Horse, Pink Pony, Clark Kent, Missing Link, Floater and Junior Turd?