On(e)-Off Hash


Interscandi 2019 Prelube Pub Crawl

: Thursday, 16 May 2019, 18:00
: Oxen
: Pirate of the Queeribean & 2 Swedes Cumming ()

The address to the pub is: Jakobsbergsgatan 34


We will start from the pub Oxen/ Oxsvansen at 18.00 / 6:00 PM with meet & greet, buy as much beer as you can hold and drink & mingle.

ca. 18.45 finish your beer, we R leaving for the next pub. We might even have a DS on the way there. Pub #2 is John Scotts on Kungsgatan, and here you can buy some food if you need something else than beer to fill up your belly.

ca 20.45 drink up again, we R on the move to next pub. Pub #3 will be The Auld Dub, and you can get more beer.

ca 21.45 down your beer, we R going back to Oxen for more nutrition. Drink it down down down till you drop!

Some practical stuff: yes you can leave a bag/ backpack/ suitcase at Oxen, and then pick it up again when you come back.

This is a Buy Your Own Drinks thing, so there is no cost to the hash.

See you all tomorrow, On On...