On(e)-Off Hash


Café Hörnet + Hash = ♥︎

: Saturday, 17 March 2018, 15:45
: Casa Dancing Pitt, Skogsvägen 12, Gamla Enskede
: Dancing Pitt ()
: 40 SEK (Hash) / 250 SEK (Show)
: Café Hörnet

G’day all of you lovely hashers!

This is an invitation to a special Hashing event.
Saturday 17 march you can sign up for an afternoon and evening  with running, drink stop, sauna, beer, dinner, entertaining 2h show, cheep bar and dancing to a real live band. 
Starts at 15.45 at casa Dancing Pit, Skogsvägen 12, Gamla Enskede.
16.00 Running with 2  Drink stops
17.30 Shower, Sauna and beer
18.30 Make up, dress up and drink up
18.56 4 min walk to Café Hörnet
19.15 Dinner and cheap bar
20.00 Show act 1
21.00 Pause
21.20 Show act 2
22.20 Pause
22.30 Dancing ( don’t forget your dancing shoes )
24.00 On off
Costs: Run, drink stop, sauna, 1 beer and snacks 40:-
           (you pay cash/swish to me)
           Entrance fee, dinner, show and dance 250:-
           (you pay cash at the Café)
I will pre book a bunch of places in forehand to ensure that we will have our own tables. You book by sending me a mail, sms (0705533000) or write your name on my fb page.
If you need to know more, ask me on the hash.
Hope to see you at the musical Café Hörnet I started 25 years ago!!!
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Dancing Pitt