Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers

SAH3 Run #739


: Saturday, 27 February 2016, 14:00
: Klippgatan 20
: Bambi and Skippy ()
: 80 SEK

Take the blue line (Akalla Line) to Solna Centrum.  Exit towards Solna Centrum (South entrance, DO NOT EXIT TOWARDS FRIENDS ARENA) and follow the half arrows to the ON INN which is the fest local directly on Klippgatan.  About a 10 minute walk.


We hope to be in our fest lokal with sauna.

There will be food.  We will honor your dietary restrictions requests if informed the day before or earlier. :)  Likewise if you want to be assured of food, let us know that you are coming.  There will be beer (15kr) and wine (10kr) at cost.

There is some renovation work occuring on our festlocal but I have been told that we can use it and that the sauna works.  I will probably not get access before the day so if there are issues we may end up in our apartment.  Either way bring your sauna gear and leeks.

There will be a walkers trail and the runners trail will be at least shiggy shiggy bang bang pram friendly. :)

Horrors are heartily welcome!!!