Stockholm Marathon Hash

SMH3 Run #7

: Thursday, 1 May 2014, 09:00
: Solsidan Station
: John Cleese
: Chateau Kungshatt

This year we will start from Solsidan station. This is one of the end stations of Saltsjöbanan.

The trail will be the full Marathon distance (42195 meters) in total, but there will be drink stops at stations where you can shortcut by taking the train to the next station.

The trail will follow Saltsjöbanan to Nacka, then switch over to Tvärbanan to Alvik, finally follow Nockebybanan to Nockeby and over the bridge to Drottningholm just in time to catch the 16:00 ferry.

We will keep a running pace of 6 - 6:30 minutes/km. If you don’t catch up – shortcut by train!

Our drink masters will follow the trail with a hash car, where you can put your bags and get refreshments at each drink stop.

On-inn will be at Chateau Kungshatt, where we will provide circle, sauna, food and beer to self-cost price.

We might also have tank tops for sale. More info to come… 

See you there!