Stockholm Marathon Hash

SMH3 Run #5

Marathon Hash #5

: Tuesday, 1 May 2012, 10:00
: Handen railway station
: John Cleese et al.

The run will start at 10:00. Catch the train leaving 9:19 from Stockholm C towards Nynäshamn.

Total length of the hash trail will be 42,2 km but you can shortcut at any drink stop by taking the train to the next station.

Approximate times we will leave the drink stops, approximate length from previous stop and location of drink stop:

• 10:00 Handen (start)
• 11:00 Skogås (7600m)
• 11:25 Trångsund (2700m)
• 12:00 Farsta Strand (3900m)
• 12:45 Högdalen Underground station (5700m)
• 13:15 Älvsjö (3200m)
• 13:50 Årstaberg (4100m)
• 14:15 Stockholms Södra (2500m)
• 14:55 Stockholms Central (5000m)
• 15:20 Karlberg (2500m)
• 16:00 Sundbyberg (5000m)

The drink stops offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cookies, buns and candy.

A hash car where you can leave bags etc. will be available at the start, all drink stops and at On-inn.

Phone number to the hash car is 070-6224886 (Hornytail).

On-inn will, thanks to Little Brother, be at Coop, with circle, sauna and beer. Food can be ordered from a nearby pizzeria.

There will be a hash cash of not more than 100 SEK (depending on how many we are).