Stockholm Marathon Hash

SMH3 Run #3

Marathon Hash #3

: Thursday, 13 May 2010, 10:00
: Södertälje centrum
: John Cleese ()

The hash trail will start at Södertälje Centrum station. Pendeltåg from Stockholm C leaves at 9:12.
At Södertälje Centrum You can leave your bag in Hornytail's car that will follow the trail all the day.
The trail will in total be 42.195 meters guaranteed (actual length 42,3 Km), but you can quit at public transport on several places if you get too exhausted. There will only be a runners' trail with fewer checks than usual and we will keep a pace of about 6 min/km.
About eight drink stops with a selection of water, sports drinks and beer. Also some buns, cookies etc. to eat.
Emergency maps and public transport timetables will be provided at the start.
The trail will end in Sätra, with On-After at Kungshatt with sauna, beer and BBQ if the weather allows.