Welcome to the Stockholm Hash House Harriers!

🍻  A Drinking Club with a Running Problem  👣

COVID-19 Information for the Stockholm Hashers

We're still r*nning in small groups as there has been no official recommendations against it, but this may change at any moment so please keep checking this website and the respective run pages for updates. For now, the following rules apply:

  • Hares, please try to limit the amount of public transport needed to get to your runs (i.e. don't make them too far away from central Stockholm).
  • Everyone, please bring your own drinking vessels to the runs.
  • There will be no crisps or other snacks that everyone sticks their sticky fingers in, neither at the drinkstop nor the circle.
  • There will be no organized pub / restaurant gathering after the Underground runs. The official part of the run ends after the Circle. For the Absolut runs, follow your common sense & Folkhälsomyndigheten when planning.
  • Wash your hands well & often and stay at home if you're even a little sick! (Then enjoy a beer, you've earned it.)
On On! The Mizmanagement

The Hash House Harriers is an international non-competitive running / drinking / social club that was started by a few British expatriates at the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938. The three tenets of hashing are: a) to promote physical fitness, b) to acquire a good thirst, and c) to satisfy it with beer. This winning concept spread over time and you can now find local chapters (aka kennels) in almost every big city throughout the world!

The Next Run
is tomorrow:

World Peace Through Beer Run
Sat, 24 Oct, 13:00
Gamla Stan
Laid Bird

Cumming up:
SUH3 Run #1362: Jog-u-Lantern
Wed, 28 Oct, 18:30

The Stockholm Underground H3 meet every Wednesday night and the Absolut H3, every second Saturday afternoon all year around come rain or shine (or snow). Runs are typically around 6-10 km long and last for about an hour with frequent regroupings and liquid refreshments along the way followed by a social gathering afterwards.

So lace up those old shoes and come & run with us! Shape or level of fitness doesn't matter, everyone is welcome and you'll find slow walkers as well as fast sprinters and long distance marathon runners among us at any age from about 18 to 80.

Apart from this website, we also have a private Facebook page and a Yahoo Groups mailing list where we post information about future runs and discuss other hash related topics. To join the list, send an e-mail to  and tell us who you are. For the Facebook page, ask someone you meet at the hash to add you.

For questions or comments related to this website, send a message to the .