Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers

SAH3 Run #822

May the froth beer with you

: Saturday, 4 May 2019, 15:00
: Parkvägen 7, Solna
: Dengue Dick ()
: 100 SEK

The Hares' Hutch with the Red Fence
Parkvägen 7
169 35 Solna

Public transport: Metro/tram stop Solna Centrum (Norra) (side: Tvärbanan), follow signs for pedestrians in the direction of Mall of Scandinavia / Arena until you hit a red fence.
Or bus 505/509/515 stop Råsunda / Stråket / Trappgränd.

Private transport: park your bike in the garden or your car in the (paid) parking lot accross the street.



Heads up for all you home/garden/garage brewers! On May the froth 2019 there will be the next Stockholm home brew contest. As you know a good brew takes careful planning and a little time to mature, and we need to prepare for climate change and hoard the supplies, as this article clearly warns: “Future climate and pricing conditions could put beer out of reach for hundreds of millions of people around the world” ( 

For this episode of the famous Stockholm's home brew contest, the directive is: "Brew a Maybock" 

Oh, apart from tasting and scoring beer, there will also be a run to get y'all thirsty.

Let me know if you are cumming by deciphering and correcting my email address o.brietATgmailcom, and also state the name of your brew. Bring about 2 L, or more if you think it turned out really well..

May the froth beer with you!

Dengue Dick

P.S. Here is as of the now no longer secret recipe for Olibier's Cherry Pop, for your upcumming cherry harvest season. The recipe is an adaptation of a belgian kriek recipe.

Ingredients for 20L beer (needs a volume of 30L, a brew bucket of 30 L will just overflow during fermentation, so use a bigger bucket, less volume, or split into two.
Yeast: Belgian Wit (Mangrove Jack's M21) 10 g (e.g. from Humelgardens Ekolager)
Maltodextrin  500 g (comes in 1 kg packages at Humelgardens Ekolager)
Spraymalt Extra Light (Muntons) 2 kg (comes in 500 g packages at Humelgardens Ekolager)
Spraymalt Wheat  (Muntons) 500 g (comes in 500 g packages at Humelgardens Ekolager)
Carapils (Weyermann) crushed malt 1kg (comes in 1 kg packages at Humelgardens Ekolager)
Hops: (Hallertauer) Mittlefruh Pellets 4% ALFASYRA 100 g (comes in 100 g packages e.g. at PGW Mosebacke)
Sucralose 1 bottle 33 ml (e.g. from PGW Mosebacke)
Normal 'kitchen' sugar for bottling 7.5g per L
Self-plucked rinsed and frozen sour cherries 11 kg

Maisch with the 1kg crushed malt: 52 °C for 10 min, 62 °C for 35 min, 72 °C for 30 minutes then raise to 78 °C and rinse (approximately).
Start the yeast in a cup with water at 25 °C and some dissolved sugar.   
Bring water and maisch to a boil, add spraymalt, add 80 g of hops after 5 minutes, add 20 g after 60 minutes, Total cooking time 70 minutes.
Add frozen cherries. Be aware that cherries may clog up the tap/spout in your brew pot and fermentation vessel (put some stainless steel gauze in front of it).
Put into fermentation vessel, and cool down further by adding cold water up to 30 L.
Pitch the yeast at < 25 °C 
Start SG 1060. 
1 day at 23°C
2 weeks at 15°C (but longer recommended)
End SG 1020.
Dissolve Maltodextrin and sugar in 1 L boiling water
Siphon the beer into another bucket with Maltodextrin and sugar solution, stir gently, and bottle.
Add 6 drops of Sucralose per L (adjust depending on sourness of brew and taste: too sweet is not good!)
1 week at 15°C and ready to serve

Do not:
- Cook the cherries: gives gelation and loss of aroma
- Mash or crush the cherries: gives a pulp that you almost can not separate from the beer.
- De-stone the cherries. (As the fermentation progresses, the stones may separate from the cherries).