Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers

SAH3 Run #815

: Saturday, 26 January 2019, 14:00
: Slussen
: Laid Bird & Pippi & Rosé
: 100 SEK
: Svartengatan 8b

Please Note! It's very slippery out there even with the new snow so we recommend that you use spikes.
If you have a shot glas feel free to bring it with you for the run. :)

Also PLEASE don't be late since we have a boat to catch.
For those of you that are not coming on the cruise with us Papagallo is a cheap pub nearby the hash start.

We will after the run go on Birka Cruise for a 21 hour cruise.

The boat departs at 5pm and comes back at 2pm the next day.
I suggest that we book the dinner buffet with drinks included for 5:30pm. This seating is fully booked, so book a seat for 5pm.

If you make a booking please let me know your booking number and the names in the booking so I can make sure we are all together at dinner.

Afterwards we meet up in Pub Bryggaren for some good beers and karaoke. The karaoke is only going on for an hour so make sure to put your songs in early to be able to sing.

For those of you who are interested we will run 5k on sundeck. So be there 10:30am Swedish time.

If you like to have a sauna on Sunday, go to the reception as soon as you board the ship and book a time. I suggest 11:00 Swedish time. Then we will hae 2 hours afterwards to pack, shop and hang together for one more last drink.

Laid Bird & Pippi & Rosé