SUH3 Run #1249

40isch years

: Wednesday, 29 August 2018, 18:30
: Högdalen
: Little Brother & The Bitch
: 20 SEK
: Restaurang Skebohof Skebokvarnsvägen 370

Ditch Bitch and I will celebrate that it is 40 years since we met. At that point I lived in Högdalen and Ditch Bitch in Rågsved. 

It will be a runners and walkers trail.

At the same time as you are running or walking, you will have the opportunity to answer a quiz.
Download TURFHUNT from appstore. 
You dont have to register any thing, just donwnload the app.

You will get a code before the run and then you will see the first "?". When you run close to the "?" it will pop up a question on your phone. When you have answered, you will instant know if you were right or wrong. Then the next "?" will show. The questions and trail will follow the same way.

If it is too complicaded, team up with another hasher. 

It could be wise to have charged the battery.