SAH3 Run #801

Bleu Blanc Rouge run

: Saturday, 14 July 2018, 15:00
: Drottningholm
: John Cleese & Hornytail
: 100 SEK
: Kungshatt

Cum, bring your tent, and celebrate the French national day with the half-French part of the Stockholm hash.

The run will take place at Drottningholm slott. We start at the big parking near the palace, at 15:00 sharp (in order to catch a ferry at 17:00).
Take bus 176, 177 or any 3XX from Brommaplan, or the boat Prins Carl Philip from Stockholm, Stadshuskajen at 14:00.

After the run we will take the boat Prins Carl Philip to Kungshatt for the afterparty. Bring money for the boat trip (SL card does not apply).
Sauna, French dinner and dancing to French music.
Wine and beer at self-cost price.

We will be in the community house on Kungshatt, on the lawn near the boat stop, not at Chateau Kungshatt.

Last boat back to Stockholm leaves at 20:35, but we encourage you to bring a tent and camp near the party house. we are allowed to raise the tents from 21:00, and they must be teared down at 09:00. Breakfast will be served in the party house at self-cost price 20 SEK pp. Boat back to Drottningholm leaves at 10:40 or 11:40.

Please respond if you're cumming, so we know how many to cater for.

Jean Clease & l'Hornie t'Ail
Petit Frère & d'Idge Bidge