Danish Nash Hash Prelube

: Thursday, 7 July 2016, 16:00
: Helsingborg
: Laid Bird, Titan Dick, Pippi Longcocking, Rosé
: 150 SEK

[updated June 29th, 2016]

The trail will be medium/long with Chicken and Eagle loops, we will also provide a walker’s tail.

Drink Stops and Circle in the end of course. Beer, wine and food in the circle.

To register send an e-mail with your name (both real name and hash handle), food restrictions and if you prefer beer or wine to drink in the circle to: . (we have had problems with the email address- fixed Jan 2016). 

Last day to register and pay is 1st of May 2016.

If you're staying in Helsingør there's a boat every 15 minutes that will take you to Helsingborg.
Trail starts close to the ferry terminal, it will be marked with half arrows.

To pay:
Nordea Bank

From Sweden; clearing number (needed if you're not a Nordea costumer): 3219 and account number: 22 44517

From abroad; IBAN: SE5230000000032192244517 and BIC/SWIFT: NDEASESS
Don't forget to put you name on the payment so we can see who paid.

If you prefer PayPal the account is the same as the e-mail you use to register.



Who's cummin'?

1. Pippi Longcocking & Hash Nilsson (Stockholm H3)   PAID
2. Rosé (Stockholm H3)   PAID
3. Laid Bird (Stockholm H3)   PAID
4. Titan Dick (Stockholm H3)   PAID
5. Eye-full (Stockholm H3)   PAID
6. Big Man Wanted (Stockholm H3)   PAID
7. L.I.M.P. (Stockholm H3)   PAID
8. Pimp (Stockholm H3)   PAID
9. Slaphead (Cambridge H3)   PAID
10. Kermit  (Cambridge H3)   PAID
11. Antar (Cambridge H3)   PAID
12. Little Sperm Maid (Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3)   PAID
13. 2 Swedes Cumming (Stockholm H3)   PAID
14. Menage a Trois (Stockholm H3)   PAID
15. Pirate Of The Queeribean (Oslo H3)   PAID
16. Pucko (Stockholm/Oslo H3)   PAID
17. Double Dick (Oslo H3)   PAID
18. Full Service (Oslo H3)   PAID
19. Her Holynose (Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3)   PAID
20. Double Decker (WAG H3)   PAID
21. Mad Swede (WAG H3)   PAID
22. Triple Nipple (Stockholm H3)   PAID
23. Little Ingrid (Stockholm H3)   PAID
24. Termite (Stockholm H3)   PAID
25. Marmite (Stockholm H3)   PAID
26. Dirty Dancer (Stockholm H3)   PAID
27. E = I'm A Douche (Eager 4 Beaver H3)   PAID
28. FourPack (Stockholm H3)   PAID
29. Schütte Shit Shooter (Berlin H3)
30. Black Cock Down (Boston H3)   PAID
31. Mooseman (Ludvika H3)   PAID
32. Morena Tropicana (Ludvika H3)   PAID
33. S#ithead (DRIFTER)   PAID
34. Frozen Balls (Stockholm H3)   PAID
35. Bridie Nam Nam (Ludvika H3)   PAID
36. Silverback (Ludvika H3)   PAID
37. Standing Ovation (Stockholm H3)   PAID
38. Cuming Slowly (Brussels H3)   PAID
39. Codpiece (Copenhagen Howlin' H3)   PAID
40. Swedish Eagle (Boston H3)   PAID
41. Senor Cocksucker (Boston H3)   PAID
42. Mind Your Nuts (Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3)   PAID
43. Twat My Mom (Boston H3)   PAID
44. Der Tulip Eater (Copenhagen H3)   PAID
45. Mr.PeTiT (Copenhagen H3)   PAID
46. Wikipedophilia (Boston H3)   PAID
47. Sketchy Ho (Boston H3)   PAID
48. Beetroot (NH3)   PAID
49. Just Maria (Stockholm H3)   PAID
50. Feckless (Copenhagen HHH)   PAID
51. Just Judy (Copenhagen HHH)   PAID
52. Red Carpet (Copenhagen HHH)   PAID
53. Concrete Erection (Stockholm H3)   PAID
54. MTM (Cape Town H3)
55. Likkmm